Tuesday, May 26, 2009

feelings of high

.....the most random things lift my mood especially this music video from beirut

I love everything about it!!
I love the clothes, the choreography,
you can totally tell both boys and girls
are highly trained ballerinas
this more free type of ballet is my favorite.
This is actually the way I dance in my room
when I dance to this song. The clothes 
much like lingerie are so fitting.
I love the room they're in and the splashes of confetti
that are surprisingly not contrived feeling,
I want to dance with a boy who knows
his ballet wearing vintage lingerie
in a room overlooking the ocean
while I sing loudly in French!!
I love the whole idea of the 
music video and
I want to go 

Sunday, May 17, 2009

me being artsy at the beach

I decided to experiment with the exposure settings on my little coolpix digital camera while I was at the beach. The subject matter is overdone I know but I thought the contrast and the shadows were cool.