Wednesday, May 29, 2013

On the Nature of Intimacy

I love the way you look at me when you're like this, but I watch it decay. I can only hold your attention for so long.

Why is sex the definition of being close to someone?

I don't know, but it is for me, it is for most people.

Just because you climb a mountain doesn't mean you love it.

-The Better Half, Mad Men

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

“Find what you love and let it kill you.” - Charles Bukowski

Jim Morrison on Why Fat is Beautiful


“The fact that you’re struggling doesn’t make you a burden. It doesn’t make you unloveable or undesirable or undeserving of care. It doesn’t make you too much or too sensitive or too needy. It makes you human. Everyone struggles. Everyone has a difficult time coping, and at times, we all fall apart. During these times, we aren’t always easy to be around — and that’s okay. No one is easy to be around one hundred percent of the time. Yes, you may sometimes be unpleasant or difficult. And yes, you may sometimes do or say things that make the people around you feel helpless or sad. But those things aren’t all of who you are and they certainly don’t discount your worth as a human being. The truth is that you can be struggling and still be loved. You can be difficult and still be cared for. You can be less than perfect, and still be deserving of compassion and kindness.”

Daniell Koepke