Sunday, December 26, 2010

What I'm Listening To

Live Like I'm Dyin-TechN9ne
Top of the Pops 2010-Mashup Germany
Right Above It-Lil Wayne
Naive Snow (Live the way you lie)-Mashup Germany
Lights!-Potomac Boys Club
Y. S. L. M. (Treasure Fingers Remix)-Burns & Fred Falke
Roll-Chris Webby
City Kids-OCD: Moosh & twist
Hold My Hand remix-Mother Earth Remixes
My Baby-That Kid C-G******

"got my whole life ahead of me and I ain't lookin back....still a kid at heart and nobody changin that and i rollllllll"
-chris webby

"and you can get with this or you can with that"
-city kids

"and i wanna tell you somethin that you prolly should know its that slumdog millionaire bollwood flowww"

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