Sunday, July 15, 2012

If you watch someone...

“If you watch someone long enough you notice the little things that compose them. A nervouse tic. Drumming fingers. A shifting gaze. You see how they look at another person thinking that nobody can see that god forsaken lovesick expression on their faces. You can’t hate someone if you watch them long enough. It’s just impossible. Try it sometime. Sometimes people look so sad when they think no one’s watching. Or you catch a small smile on their face when they’re thinking of someone they love. Watch someone on the subway. The train. Driving the car next to you. There’s something intriguing about looking at someone and knowing that they’re carrying a story that you just can’t figure out by looking at them. Everyone has a goddamn tale to tell if only you’d just let them. That’s what I like, I think. The mystery of a person that you don’t know. Basis for characters, I collect people. I collect faces. I collect expressions and smiles and beautiful eyes and the words that come out of their mouths. I just, simply put, am both enamored and disgusted by the human race.”


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